Putting PR in Perspective

When the new year slowly approaches and budgets are being finalized, the time comes for all businesses to make the decision- to hire PR or not to hire PR. If you’re still on the fence about whether or not hiring … Continued

How Not to Break The Bank Before 2016

The holiday season is finally picking up some steam. With the Thanksgiving and Black Friday craze behind us, shopaholics can now justify spending a ridiculous amount of money at every outlet mall and restaurant within the tri-state area.   When … Continued


Growing up is tough. We all want to stay in that delightfully comfortable place of having freedom yet no real responsibilities. Essentially, that place is your college years. You can do whatever you want yet not worry about mortgages, 9-5 … Continued

Books Are Back!

As a publicist in the entertainment space, I have worked with numerous authors and read a number of books along the way.  The main goal when working with an author is to have their book reviewed in newspapers, websites, blogs … Continued

I Thought the Best Things in Life Were Free

Everyone, I have heartbreaking news. Afropunk Fest is now charging for entry.     I know. The sudden decision to charge has everyone wondering what might’ve happened. But it’s not just the fact that Afropunk wanted to be compensated. Since 2002 this … Continued

Twitter Chat 101

In a public relations agency, social media plays an increasingly important role in brand promotion and recognition and has become a key part of any good social media strategy. As the head of the social media team at S&W I … Continued

Wait, this is Work?

Sometimes working for a public relations and digital media firm that has a number of clients in the entertainment space (books, television, music, etc.) hardly seems like working.  To successfully pitch and understand a client’s IP and target the right … Continued

It Takes a Village

New York may be one of the world’s largest, most cosmopolitan cities but in so many ways it can feel like such a small town. Anyone who has ever gotten onto a random subway at a random hour and bumped … Continued