Books Are Back!

As a publicist in the entertainment space, I have worked with numerous authors and read a number of books along the way.  The main goal when working with an author is to have their book reviewed in newspapers, websites, blogs and magazines both locally and nationally.  Basically, anywhere that will get the book noticed.  Working with authors is always fun for me because I love reading, and talking to other people who enjoy books just as much as I do, is a great part of what I do.

Book blogs have begun to pop up all over the internet, and books seem to be more mainstream than when I was growing up.  When I was younger, everyone was watching movies and television.  Now you see less people at the movies, and more people reading books, both paper and eBooks.  Young adult fiction dominates most of what people are reading, with series like Hunger Games and Divergent as examples.  Therefore, most of the book blogs you find on your searches for a client are firmly in the YA space.

I for one, am happy that books are seeing a sort of renaissance among the general public.  Don’t get me wrong, I love movies.  However, in almost every film or television adaptation of a book or series I have read, there is something missing, or they have altogether changed some of the plot.  A resurgence of books also means more demand, and therefore, more new books.  More books means more possible clients.  Not saying I wouldn’t want to work with film or television however.  HBO, BBC, Warner Bros, if you’re looking for some PR help, you know where to find us. :)

That being said, there is nothing better this time of year than laying on the beach with a good book, or sitting out on the back deck with a beer and a book.  Books are also cheaper and will never become obsolete.  How much attic space are all of your VHS tapes taking up?

With all of the work we do with books and approaching outlets for reviews, I thought it might be interesting to put the shoe on the other foot and do some quick reviews of some of my recent favorites.  Enjoy!

The Martian by Andy Weir – Think of it as Castaway on Mars, but funnier.  To keep from going insane, and to pass the time, Watney keeps a journal throughout his experience on Mars, and tries to make light of a bad situation.  After seeing the first official trailer of the film, scheduled to be release on October 2nd of this year, I don’t think I will be disappointed by the adaptation.

A Song of Ice & Fire Series by George R.R. Martin – When I first started reading A Games of Thrones I became disinterested by Martin’s vivid and thorough descriptions, ala Charles Dickens.  I cast the book aside, but later I came back to it and gave it a second go and I am so glad I did.  Although the books are each around 1,000 pages, I zipped through books one through five in a couple of months.  If you are into fantasy worlds you can get lost in, like Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter, but with more blood and sex, read the books. Basically, just read the books, they are that good.

Red Rising Trilogy by Pierce Brown – Darrow, a “Red”, the main protagonist, and essentially a slave, lives beneath the surface of Mars with the other Reds.  This new society on Mars, and throughout the solar system, is set up like a caste system, by color.  Reds are at the bottom and Golds are at the top, they even have a different dialect from each other.  A terroristic organization called the Sons of Ares, Ares being the Greek god of war (this book contains a number of mythological references), recruits Darrow as a member to try and take down the Golds.

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