Putting PR in Perspective

When the new year slowly approaches and budgets are being finalized, the time comes for all businesses to make the decision- to hire PR or not to hire PR. If you’re still on the fence about whether or not hiring a public relations rep is right for your business, below are a few reminders as to why a PR rep is putting your best foot forward.


Visibility for your brand to those who care the most




As your publicists, it’s our job to target the publications that reach your audience, and get your story to the public.


We handle social media like pros.




But that’s because we are pros. Social media is more than just including the name of your brand in a few posts. Utilizing the best platforms for your business should be strategic- what works for Twitter may not work for Snapchat, and it’s our job to recommend the right ones.


It’s our job to worry, so you don’t have to




Your PR reps should be thought of as an extension of your team as opposed to an outside agency. Successful publicists keep clients abreast on current trends in their industry so they can join the discussion. One aspect of PR that smart PR firms do for their clients is brand them as thought leaders in their respective industries. This opens the door for clients to opportunities such as sitting on panels at high level conferences and being the go-to person for a quote on the happenings in their field.

So when you finally do decide to let the world know about your newest venture, give Sayles & Winnikoff a call.

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