Sayles & Winnikoff has been persistent and responsive in their work on our behalf. They put in the time to learn our people, our business and the nuance of our industry, and then brought national media contacts up to speed on our unique position and products. We had just engaged them early in 2020 to assist in the promotion of our newly completed hospitality center, when the global pandemic bore down on us.  S&W helped us to pivot, proactively working with my team to build a calendar of virtual events and interactive activities that allowed our clients all around the world to connect meaningfully with our wines and our people. Their professional review of our website, social media planning and outward online and print media presence were helpful in polishing the face that we are presenting to the world. We have a more refined ability to tell our story clearly and connect with our customers with thanks to their talented team.

Nathan R. Carlson, Winemaker / General Manager
Center of Effort Wines

Sayles & Winnikoff Communications has added a professional dimension to the strategic planning, development and execution of the Broadcasting & Cable Annual Hall of Fame Awards. During their tenure the event has grown significantly both in stature and attendance, which is due in no small part to their contribution in the communications area raising both awareness and prestige at the highest levels of the television industry. We are pleased to be partnered with this committed group of media professionals and consider them to be an integral part of our team.

Bill McGorry, Chairman
B&C Hall of Fame Awards

Sayles and Winnikoff provide a totally different service than simply communications.  They are strategic partners for the launch and development of programming from the finance stage through distribution and trade and consumer outreach.  Their three dimensional approach to the market along with thorough preparation and follow through makes them an indispensable element in the marketing mix.

Doug Schwalbe, Founder
The Co-Production Company

When FableVision has news we want to shout from the rooftops, Sayles & Winnikoff are always our first call. They are total pros, equal parts strategic, creative, and detail-oriented. Through careful preparation and a keen understanding of the industry, they have helped us tell our stories — from new division launches to unique brand initiatives — with an authentic approach that has led to some incredible coverage.

Sarah Ditkoff, VP of Strategic Partnerships
Fablevision Studios
People Science logo

We asked the team at Sayles & Winnikoff to do several impossible things – understand the quirky corporate structure that we’re still developing; work within those evolving boundaries; learn about an emerging field of scientific study; brainstorm how that field applies to business; develop a shifting, flexible strategy for promoting and publicizing our content and ideas within that newly defined applied business field; all while dealing with a petulant and very needy client lead (i.e. me).  The fact that they were able to do all of that, and so much more, all of which exceeded our unreasonable expectations, and none of which involved murdering this petulant, needy man, is a testament to their skills, patience, client-focused attention and learning and, probably, their lack of sharp stabby objects. They are great.

Jeff Kreisler, Editor in Chief
Margolin & Lawrence logo

Since my firm started business with Sayles and Winnikoff Communications, we have been quoted and featured in over 100 times in local, national, and international publications resulting from their efforts. Sayles & Winnikoff has been instrumental in doubling our revenue over the course of a year from the time we started our relationship with them in 2017.

Sayles and Winnikoff has given us the opportunity to rebrand our practice, emphasizing the niche we had already started to cultivate. Rebranding our firm from criminal defense to cannabis law is especially difficult when cannabis policy is constantly changing. At the time, there were already significant players in the field. Now, Margolin and Lawrence is exclusively a cannabis practice largely because of the work that Carina Sayles and Alan Winnikoff have done for us. Many of our competitors were not able to achieve the cultivation of a cannabis niche the way Sayles and Winnikof has helped us to create, giving us an advantage as we navigate cannabis law.

The public relations firm is able to set up radio, newspaper interviews on almost a moments notice. In addition to helping us attract business, their ability to create media opportunities in locales that we were entering for the first time has instilled confidence in new clients, who can have continued confidence in our representation.

Carina Sayles has gone above and beyond in helping me realize my dream in becoming an author.With the revenues increasing over the past year, I was able to put those funds towards hiring a co-author and turn my dream into a day job. She has helped seek out opportunities in finding an agent, publisher, and more

 Allison Margolin
Margolin & Lawrence
WNET 13 logo

In the years Sayles & Winnikoff has been working with Thirteen/WNET, they have helped us put two of our children’s programs — “Cyberchase”and “Franny’s Feet” — on the map. Their knowledge of media relations and promotion has been an invaluable resource for us.

Kellie Specter, Director, Corporate & Media Relations